How Will Manchester United Fare if Paul Pogba Leaves

Whether he’s playing well or not, Paul Pogba is the most talked about player in England. The Frenchman is a global superstar that transcends the sport. His return to Old Trafford was branded as #Pogback, with many hailing him as the second coming of David Beckham. Unfortunately, his relationship with the United fans has soured since then.  

Below-par performances and a public spat with José Mourinho has turned public opinion against Pogba, with him becoming the scapegoat for all of United’s shortcomings. In spite of the belittling of his ability, the Frenchman is still an attractive prospect to many of Europe’s top teams, especially Real Madrid. Zinedine Zidane has made it clear that the midfielder is his top target for the summer, with Los Blancos hoping to secure a deal before the end of the European summer window.

Here’s how United will fare if Paul Pogba leaves.

Less Creativity

Last season, Paul Pogba was Manchester United’s primary source of chance creation. To prove that, he finished as United’s top scorer and assist provider, with 13 goals and 9 assists in 35 PL appearances.  On top of that, the 25-year-old maintained an 83% pass accuracy across the season, whilst averaging 60 passes a game. Such creativity will not be replicated by anyone else in the squad.

Technical Ability

Paul Pogba is one of those players that could lose the ball twelve times but produce one moment of magic to turn the whole game on its head. It’s that x-factor ability that United will miss the most and it’s an ability that can only be appreciated once it’s gone. From a technical standpoint, there’s no player better than Paul Pogba at United, his striking ability, technique and football intelligence are levels above his teammates. No one else at the club has the capability of producing moments of brilliance to change games.

Marketing Effect

I think people are underestimating how much of an asset the Frenchman is to Manchester United. He is by far and away the most famous player in Manchester today, known all over the world. There’s a reason why the higher-ups decided to sign him to a contract worth over £250,000-a-week, because they know how much he’ll generate them.

He’s a symbol of excellence for ethnic minorities in football, an inspiration to developing countries across the globe, this can be seen through his worldwide shirt sales. In his first weeks at the club, his shirt sales surpassed £190million.As a World Cup winner and Serie A champion, Pogba holds value in the market that the owners and Ed Woodward appreciate far more than his apparent shortcomings on the pitch.  

Ideal XI

If Paul Pogba were to swap Old Trafford for the Bernabéu, here’s the best possible line-up Manchester United could produce.

From a technical standpoint, only Juan Mata comes close to Paul Pogba. The Spaniard would now have to act as the creative hub for United, helping to pull the strings of their pacey attack. However, the two midfielders behind him won’t be able to offer much support in the final third for him. Matic would act as the holding midfielder, thus shielding the back four.

While Scott McTominay would have to do his best to make third man runs into the box, acting as the box to box midfielder. United’s pacey front three will as they always do, make intelligent runs into the box and down the flanks, however, all the pressure will be on Mata’s shoulders to supply them with the service Paul Pogba has done for years.

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