Serie A Set to Resume as COVID 19 Pandemic Recedes

Football is starting to dominate the headlines once again with leagues around the world wanting to return and finish the league season that has been left unfinished due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, it looks like most of Europe is looking to return sooner rather than later with restrictions in place on how a return might be possible. Both France and Holland made the decision to call it a day with the league, but Italian Serie A looks set to return on 13th June. However, will this be possible?

Italy has been hit heavily by the coronavirus outbreak with 31,000 deaths around the country and the country experienced a very harsh lock-down. However, at the start of May, Italy have eased lockdown rules and most industries are returning to business with social distancing rules in place.

The Bundesliga has set the way for European leagues to return to playing with the German game set to return the weekend of 16th May. However, Germany has not been as affected as Italy in the current pandemic. Players in Italy were directly affected by the virus and have had to recover in the earliest lockdown situation in Europe.

Serie A clubs in Italy have returned to training and are trying to be fighting fit for the return date being mooted next month, however, they are still only allowed to train individually as social distancing still applies in training situations. But from Monday 18th May, they will be allowed to train collectively once again.

Despite the return date being set, the government still have the final say on the decision and the decision rests firmly in their hands. As has been stated around Europe, officials and governments want the return of football, with the correct precautions in place, to help with the morale of the country.

However, in Italy three Fiorentina players and one Torino player tested positive for COIVD-19 last week. This leads to questions being raised over the safety of the players and if it is right to push for a return.

These cases could affect the return as some medical advisors to Serie A state that if a player does contract coronavirus then the rest of the squad will have to quarantine for another two weeks. This would put the entire return of the league in real jeopardy.

With how heavily Italy has been affected, it might be a rush if they are to sanction a return in June even with the necessary precautions. Italy is very much at threat of a second wave and spike given the easing of lockdown is just entering phase two. 

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