Will the Transfer Window Still Work?

During these unprecedented times we live in, the football world has also been affected in a way like no other. Not since Word War II have we seen a league season be changed or in fact been cancelled. It is going to be a struggle for clubs to return back to their normal way of living and operating in accordance to government guidelines.

One aspect of the footballing world that might have to change is how clubs approach the summer transfer window. The world is usually captivated by the sports headlines during the summer months as players are linked and spoken about for a gruelling amount of time across all media platforms. You cannot escape the transfer news from twitter, to newspapers, to the television, it is literally everywhere.

However, this summer might be different with the current coronavirus climate. With leagues across the world either not playing, refusing to play on any further or some facing a deadline to complete the league season before the window opens, it might be that there is not a transfer window but clubs will be hoping this is not the case.

It happens every summer that a club need to adjust their squad accordingly to fit their either new tactics or way of thinking. It is highly unlikely that a club does not recruit a player or sell a player each summer. However, these are uncertain times and the summer of 2020 could be different.

With clubs in the dark about acquiring players then they will be less likely to sell one of their own players due to uncertainty and risk weakening their side, allowing another rival to strengthen theirs.

Clubs are not playing at the moment and are not having fans attending games; therefore their income has taken a huge hit. With no money coming in regularly and a question mark over how sustainable a club might be is becoming a factor as, in particular, the English Premier League have not given a final verdict on if they are going to continue, clubs are left in limbo as to how they can approach an upcoming transfer window.

However, if the transfer window is to go ahead then do not be surprised to see transfer fees become increasingly smaller. Over the past few years we have seen clubs spend over the odds to acquire the player they feel will improve their club. Since 2009, the record transfer has been broken or equalled by 10 different transfers. But this summer this is not expected to be the case.

The implications surrounding a huge transfer would send incredibly mixed signals to fans and the public. If a player is signed for £40-60 million, then how does that look to average fan or even a nation during this horrific pandemic. This would also raise huge questions about clubs in the topflight who have or tried to furlough staff because they could not afford to pay their wages.

At the moment only time will tell, and the summer transfer window looks like it might be delayed until most seasons are finished. However, there are still contractual debates between clubs and plyers with many contracts ending at the end of June 2020.

The footballing world is a mess and the correct decisions need to be made by the powers that be.

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